Art Cards

For mailing or framing

Suitable for framing, these 6"x9" (25mmx23mm) cards are high-quality reproductions of these artists' most treasured works. In most cases, the title and artist signature are part of the image. Each card is packaged individually in a protective sleeve with envelope. The artist photograph and personal biography are printed on the back of most cards.

Click on the images below to see currently available cards by these artists.

Maxine Noel cards
Maxine Noel

Benjamin Chee Chee

Dorothy Francis

Andy Everson

David Beaucage Johnson

Sue Coleman

Rick Beaver

Cecil Youngfox

Don Li-Leger

Norval Morrisseau

Amneris Fernandez

Bill Reid

Kenojuak Ashevak

Simon Basscoupé
Boxed Set of 6

Legends 1
Boxed Set of 4

Legends 2
Boxed Set of 4

Legends 3
Boxed Set of 4