Whetung Gallery offers educational tours to every interested group. These visits provide insight into the history of our proud Native land. We have worked with elementary and secondary schools, adult historical societies, Brownies, Scouts, summer camps, churches and universities, many of whom have built their Native curriculum around a visit to the Whetung Ojibwa Centre. Of course, we have welcomed tourist groups from all over the world. We are able to customize the tour to suit almost anyone’s level of interest. We also offer workshops that are age appropriate for schools, camps etc.  Make your own Dreamcatcher, Make your own Necklace, Paint your own Totem Stone. Please email or phone Rachel 705-657-3661 for details

Your visit begins “behind the scenes” in our craft workshop with a wonderful hands-on experience with fur and leather. Discussions emphasizes both traditional and modern methods of hunting and gathering, accenting conservation and the environment. Natural materials such as bark, sweetgrass, horsehair, and porcupine quills are also displayed. Native craft work in progress may be viewed on weekdays.  

Annual educational Pow Wow at Whetung Gallery

The main gallery highlights unique and rare art and crafts from First Nations across North America. Our impressive wall of masks and British Columbian art is a two-storey testament to the depth and breadth of Native diversity. Your trip culminates in our museum which displays both local history and rare examples of native crafts. While you can purchase art and souvenirs of every description at Whetung Gallery, some of the beadwork, fossils, and memorabilia in our museum is not for sale at any price.

When the tour is officially over you are encouraged to stay and explore for as long as you wish. Some groups even conduct art classes and, weather permitting, picnic on our extensive grounds.

Contact us to discuss how we can make the day memorable for your group.  705-657-3661