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Nettle Orange Tea

Whetung Ojibwa Centre

Nettle Orange Tea


Nettles use as a tonic of the female system goes back to the Native American women who used it throughout pregnancy and as a remedy to stop hemorrhaging during childbirth. It is considered one of the best all round women's tonics.  Nettle contains a great number of amino acids, glucidic substances, amines, sterols, cetones as methyl heptenone, acetophenone, volatile oil, fatty substances, sitosterols, formic and acetic acid, panthotenic acid, folic acid, chlorophyl 0.3 - 0.8, protoporphyrine and coproporphynine. It also contains vitamins C, B2 and K, beta-carotene, Ca, Mg, Fe and Si salts, phosphates etc.   Because of these compounds, the plant has anti-anemic, anti-diabetic, haemostatic and diuretic properties.   For hypertension drink half a glass right before the most important meals.  It has the effect of regulating arterial pressure and straightening blood vessels.   Nettle tea can also be of great help to those who suffer from diabetes, because it leads to the decrease of blood sugar and implicitly, of the glycemic level.  It is useful in eliminating viruses, and bacterial infections.

Caffeine Free! Locally Blended  Steep to Taste

Ingredients: blended with certified organic herbs.  Nettle, Green Rooibos, Lemongrass, Vervain, Vanilla, Orange Slices

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