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Pure Chaga Tea

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15 x 2g Tea bags of pure Chaga tea, perfect with a little freshly squeezed lemon. Harvested in Canada.  1 Tea Bag is good for 8 cups!

What is Chaga?

Chaga is classified as a mushroom and is currently being recognized by many health gurus for its numerous health benefits. Chaga grows on 1/10,000 birch trees in the colder northern hemisphere climates and grows on average  ½ an inch per year. To maintain a renewable source of Chaga it can only be harvested during specific times of its yearly cycle. If harvested correctly Chaga will continue to regenerate.


Antioxident Benefits:

Chaga sclerotium contains massive amounts of the natural black pigment known as melanin. This natural black pigment is what changes the colour of the water and consumed after boiling. Melanin has high antioxidant levels due to the amount of polyphenols it contains. These high antioxidant levels help with a few different things, one being cleansing the liver. High antioxidant levels also  support cellular regeneration and protect against cellular damage and genetic mutation. In fact, Chaga has the highest ORAC score (the measure of antioxidant potency) of any superfood.

Supports the Immune System:

Chaga’s abundance of beta-D-Glucose helps balance the body's immune system. Chaga’s research shows it to be a natural biological response modifier.

Cancer Fighting:

Research has shown that Chaga activates immune cell response for combating cancer initiation. Research is still ongoing and more studies are needed to determine Chaga’s full impact on cancer. Chaga has proven effective in supporting standard cancer methods, such as chemotherapy, by compensating the programs negative side effects.


Soothing Properties

Chaga can be helpful for those suffering from pain, neuropathy and even diabetes. Chaga also has been used to support gastrointestinal health with a well functioning immune system. Chaga also showed support against harsh skin blemishes.



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