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Whetung Ojibwa Centre

Raven Rattle

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Shamans Rattle, Raven Beautifully carved and hand painted Canadian made 12"" long.
Traditionally a Shaman's ceremonial instrument, these amazing reproduction Haida rattles represent nature, not only in look but in their tone. Made entirely of natural materials, the sound is balanced, natural, and earthy. The basic form of a Shamans rattle is that of the Raven holding a small object in its beak. This is in reference to the myth of Raven bringing sunlight to mankind. On this rattle, the Raven supports a shaman initiate who is drawing inspiration and knowledge from the animal world through the link between his tongue and that of a mythical bird. On the Raven's breast is a flat design image of Konankada, Chief of the Undersea World


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